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renewable transition

At Ænergy, we develop renewable energy systems of the future based on solar cells and wind turbines. Based on 100 years of energy experience and strong relationships, Ænergy is an active player in the fight for a sustainable future.
1.3 GW
Projects in the pipeline
>400 MWp
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Clear as day

Ænergy develops, builds and operates renewable energy plants with solar cells and wind turbines. It is our mission to create sustainable, transparent and efficient solutions within renewable energy.
It is in everyone's interest to contribute to a more sustainable future. We believe that by making our projects transparent, information available and involving the local area, we can ensure the best possible solution for all involved.

We must both be responsible towards the climate - and each other - that is why Ænergy is
Clear as Day


We are owned by Jysk Energi, Raundahl & Moesby and ACK Holding.

Since Ænergy takes care of the entire value chain from planning to establishment to operation of renewable energy plants, it is essential that behind the facade there is a strong, robust and experienced group of owners who together contain a wide range of subject-specific competences.

With an ownership group with many years of experience from the energy and real estate industries respectively, Ænergy has thus secured a strong starting point when it comes to taking responsibility for both the development and operation of the renewable energy resources of the future.

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