Høvsøre 2.0

113 ha.
Under development

Project info

After Jysk Energi's establishment and commissioning of Solcellepark Høvsøre back in 2022, Ænergy secured the rights to develop an adjacent solar cell plant on the areas immediately north of the existing plant.

In the autumn of 2023, Lemvig Municipality called for applications for the establishment of renewable energy facilities. Initially, a large part of the submitted proposals were sorted out and nine projects were prioritized for further work - including Høvsøre 2.0

Already early in the process, both the nearest neighbours, local civic associations, parish councils and the heating plant have been included in the many processes surrounding the project. There have, among other things, There have been several good proposals received for both furnishing and shielding of the project area. These ideas are still being worked on, just as Ænergy has opened up the possibility for all interested parties to contact us with their specific idea or wish for the project.

If you or your association have an idea or a comment about the project, you are very welcome to contact us via e-mail at hovsore2@ae-nergy.dk
Adapted project area per 20/02-2024


West of Bøvlingbjerg, Lemvig Municipality
Approx. 118 ha.
Gross area
Approx. 113 ha.
Expected net area
Approx. 68 MWp
Expected effect
85 GWh – Corresponding to the annual consumption of 21,250 households
Expected production

Relevant documents

Here you will find an overview of all relevant and important documents regarding the Høvsøre 2.0 project.

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